Theta Healing

  Theta Healing was discovered by Vianna Stibal, in the USA during the 1990s when she healed herself instantly from serious illness

Theta healing is very different from Reiki or Spiritual healing. Although the source is the same, its application is much more specific and focused. The healing energy can be called by many different names depending on what your beliefs and perspectives such as: universal intelligence/universal consciousness/quantumfield/zero point field/all that is/spirit/God/one-ness/creator/love/matrix/ source.


The healing energy can be directed to remove any negative or blocked energies from a person, an animal, a building, even objects. If you find this incomprehensible then it is worth reading about the energetic nature of the universe in the articles section.

 All healing energy is essentially the vibration of love. If, on an unconscious level, you cannot accept unconditional love then any form of treatment you have may be impaired.

  Research proves how our thoughts, feelings and beliefs all impact on our cells and have an effect on our health. Wrong beliefs are embedded in our cellular memory. Your body is affected by diet but the biggest influence is linked to our mind and emotions, so any physical symptom can be an indication that we have unresolved issues and is guiding us to deal with it. Your body is trying to communicate with you!


Memory in the Matrix

Cells don’t have the consciousness to hold memory

  • The cell wall has antenna that tunes into ‘self’ in the field
  • Dis-ease appears in local fields before it becomes a physical manifestation
  • Eventually cells and DNA will adapt and change to misperceptions of these often unconscious images in the field
  • We label these changes as physical and mental dis-ease
  • Disease cells will be replaced as disease cells until the information in the matrix changes
  • On a cellular level these pictures are real life memories happening now
  • Most negative self and world views are developed in utero, at birth and the first six years of life often through traumatic experience

   Troubling beliefs and childhood memories can be healed without having to relive the trauma of past events. By identifying the root cause of a problem the belief system and memories around an event or memory can be released and healed, instantly. When belief systems, thoughts and feelings are changed this creates a healing in the physical body.

 You may believe you do not deserve or worthy or good enough of many things, not just love – happiness, joy, success, health.

  These beliefs can be checked by muscle testing and changed with Theta Healing, with the potential of dramatically changing your health and life. You may think or have inherited family patterns of for example, ‘I must be poor’, money is evil’, life is hard, I don’t deserve success’. You do not perceive these as beliefs because it is so embedded - it is just your experience of life and becomes your ‘truth’.

 You may be harbouring feelings resentment, regret or rejection, guilt, shame, anger, sorrow or grief. All emotions affect our cellular function and impact on our health arguably to a greater degree than our diet and exposure to toxic pollution. Genetic expression is influenced by our environment or, more importantly, our perception of our environment. If we live in fear, anxiety or stress, again, our biochemistry alters and cell function changes, to our detriment.

We repeat patterns of our parents not because of our genes but because the vibrational pattern is the same. Theta Healing can remove the vibration of those beliefs and feelings and replace them with beneficial, life enhancing positive ones.

 Furthermore, feelings and emotions can get trapped in houses and non-organic material and have an effect on others. We can all sense ‘an atmosphere’ when we walk into a room! As well as removing ‘bad’ energy, it is possible to replace or install positive vibrations. It is possible to ‘teach’ rooms what it feels like to have the vibration of love, harmony, joy, efficiency, peace, calm, healing, etc.


 ‘Memories are only memories to the conscious mind. To the unconscious mind

and heart they are current events. What are your specific “current events”

that are keeping you from healing?



You decide what area or issue in your life you wish to change or heal. This can be a physical condition, emotional issue, relationship matters, financial, business, or any aspect of your life you wish to change. I can also 'tune in' to you discover any negative energy patterns that may be affecting you. I I use muscle testing to check whether you have soul parts missing,or are carrying negative energies that have been directed at you.

Muscle testing is employed to test your existing beliefs held in the unconscious mind and to confirm changes that have been made.


If you don't learn to deal with your beliefs they will deal with you through

illness, financial and prosperity issues, relationships, anxiety, depression,

feeling powerless and so forth.


Consultations CAN be in person or over the telephone. Since there is no physical connection to do this work you do not need to be in the same room. CLIENTS WORLDWIDE ARE WELCOME.

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