Let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food’ Hippocrates – Father of Medicine.

 What you eat has a huge impact on your health and wellbeing. However, we are bombarded with conflicting advice, food myths and fads that change with the seasons and are dictated to more by motives of profit rather than the intention of improving health.  I can help you cut through all the misinformation and make sense of it all to discover the best diet for you and your family. 

Research into the healthy, long-lived cultures of the world reveals the basic principles of healthy eating which have become obscured by the trend towards denatured processed food.

Our food frequently resembles a chemical cocktail rather than the source of life providing the essential nutrients our bodies require. Our bodies have not yet evolved to deal with the scientific ‘advances’ of the modern world; and the rise in degenerative disease shows that we are struggling to deal with the overwhelming level of toxic substances and damaging farming methods that have permeated our food industry. Using more chemicals as a treatment does not appear to be the answer in combating ill health!

Hair Mineral Testing can determine the most appropriate diet and supplementation for you and your family based on your individual bio-chemistry. However, I tend to use it merely as a starting point from which to monitor changes in diet and detoxification protocols. HMA does not address medical conditions. You need to see your Medical Practioner for medical advice and treatment.

The HMA gives a base line in which dietary changes can be monitored. I joyfully embrace the philosophy of David Wolfe and Anthony William (Medical Medium) who promote eating raw superfoods found in nature to promote health as a foundation for nutritional support, rather than using isolated nutrients to target specific conditions, though these may be appropriate at times. The answer is always found in nature and our industrialised diet has created immense disturbances in our bio-chemstry leading to epidemics of degenerative health conditions and neurological conditions both children and adults that were unheard of years ago. So we need to get back to supporting our mental and physical health the way nature intended.  It makes sense that the answer is NOT to be found in funding drug companies to find a 'cure' but researching the causes in our environment and finding the 'cure' in nature.

Dr Klinghardt

Weekly thousands of chemicals are released into the environment without the requirement for safety studies. The oceans are polluted with mercury, depleted uranium, golf course herbicides and every chemical ever produced. Politicians are paid off by corporate special interests to condone their destructive influence.

I have recently adopted the approach of Dr Klinghardt of whose focus is on removing the environmental factors that are the cause of inflammation, infections and illness in our bodies, and this is an extract from his website.

'We, the people, and all that lives, are in continuous osmotic exchange and communication with our environment. Whatever is in the environment shows up inside our body. It has become an ever-increasing task of our body’s innate detox mechanisms to keep the inner milieu reasonably clean against the overwhelming osmotic pressure of the intruding chemicals and toxins. But our systems collectively are starting to fail – some sooner, some later. Autism, learning differences, hyperactivity and skin disorders in children are just the beginning of an avalanche of illnesses. In the older age group it is the degenerative illnesses of the brain that did not exist even 30 years ago and are taking us down – one by one. All neurological illnesses are on a dramatic increase, so are many malignancies, infertility and psychiatric disorders. The speed of destruction of our earthy foundations is accelerating.'