Health Articles

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I have included interesting articles and interviews about how our beliefs and emotions affect our health and our life, and others that give an understanding of energy and the principles behind energy medicine.

Recommended Reading List:

 In the Dark                                   Jason Bawden Smith   - EMF research

The Sunfood Diet Success System      David Wolfe   -  healthy lifestyle

Longevity Now                                             David Wolfe

Light That Heals and Silent Fields        Donna Fisher     EMF research and links with cancer

Biology of Belief                               Bruce Lipton

The Genie in Your Genes                    Dawson Church

Molecules of Emotion                         Candace Pert

The Endorphin Effect                         William Bloom

How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body      David Hamilton

The Power of Now                             Eckhart Tolle

Ask and It Is Given                           Esther & Jerry Hicks

The Field                                         Lynn McTaggart

Wired for Joy                                    Laurel Mellin

Conscious Medicine                            Gill Edwards

Medical Medium                                 Anthony Williams

Watch    'Beings of Frequency'    on YouTube

Netflix  'Forks Over Knives' and 'Heal'   for specialists talking on a wide range of subjects


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