EMFs, Stress and Bio Energy Field


  Examples of high frequency fields are microwave ovens, cellular phones, all wireless forms of communication, and TV and radio broadcasts. According to one top British researcher quoted in Reader's Digest 1980, who specializes in studying the negative effects of EM fields on human energy, the most rapidly growing forms of communications proliferating on this planet today are wireless, satellite, microwaves, and cellular. In the article, he stated that according to his research from 1940 to 1980, our daily exposure to electromagnetic radiation in industrialized countries has increased by a factor of 100 million times. You feel more stressed today than you did ten years ago because EMF's are still inundating us at a rapidly proliferating rate.


The physical body becomes stressed in ways we can directly measure. If we sent 1,000 people to a wilderness area and instrumented them with electromyography (EKG sensors) to read muscle tension and stress levels in their bodies over a 15 minute period, we would find that some would be relaxed and some stressed out. If we then induced artificially made electromagnetic radiation similar to that in a properly wired suburban home (one-half to one milligauss per square meter), we would see a big jump in everybody's stress level, a direct physiological response. Then if we increased the level to three to five milligauss per square meter as we might find in an office environment with all the fluorescent lights, computers, fax machines and copy machines, all that great stuff, we will see another big jump in stress levels.  

  Maybe that's why people don't like to work very much, and why our work is so stressful. We live in a totally different world than our grandparents did. Every new cellular phone added to the environment you live in creates more physical stress in your life, and when the physical body is stressed, the emotional body goes into tunnel vision, into survival mode.  

  When we have a lot of magnetic radiation passing through us with a lot of random sub-particles, creating an enormous irritation to the limbic brain, the limbic brain perceives that as omni-directional low-grade physical threat to our survival. That invokes an adrenal response. Virtually 99% of people who live in industrialized countries have weak adrenal systems because we are constantly under assault. Do cellular phone companies care about this? Do the computer manufacturers and utility companies care about this? They should because they live in the same environment that we do. They have children who are being affected.


Electromagnetic radiation has two components. There is a weak electrical field and a strong magnetic field. The electrical field, for example from your computer, goes out maybe one or two inches. This shows up as static, or positive ions, and attracts dust to your screen. Actually, both the electric and magnetic fields are full of random sub-particles, but the stronger field, the magnetic field travels at right angles to the magnetic field and goes out typically 10 or 20 times as far. The magnetic field affects us more strongly, and passes through virtually all materials; it goes through things like lead very easily. So if you have a screen in front of your computer to protect yourself from radiation, it's not protecting you at all from the magnetic field even though it may be called an "anti-rad" screen. It is only protecting you from the electrical field.  

If you live in an apartment, the magnetic fields from your neighbours' TV's, computers, appliances, and microwaves are right on the other side of your wall, could even be on the other side of where you sleep, going right through into your living space from above, below and from both sides. When you are in your office sitting at your desk, there could be a fluorescent fixture right below you. Telephone switching systems have huge magnetic fields. They might be right on the other side of the wall from you and may eventually cause your system to break down.   


Electromagnetic radiation is a frequency which is a perfect sine wave of energy passing through every cell of your body every second of the day. The sources of electromagnetic radiation are multiple and they are coupled. These frequencies in turn are made up of sub-particles called electrons and photons.

   Photons in quantum physics are thought of as packets or bits of information. They are either on or off, yes or no. They are binary. That is how they carry information. Some of these photons are coherent and some of them are random. If all the photons were coherent, your television and computer would feel incredibly good to you. This is passing through every cell in your body, and it would feel great if it were totally organized. Unfortunately the random photons have a lot of noise, or random sub-particle energy, associated with them.  



  The body has an energy field - more accurately, the bio-energy field has a body. That bio-energy field is a field of light encoded information. In the ancient Celtic tradition they had a word for photon called "lutz" or light encoded information. You can think of that bioenergy field as a holographic image of yourself. There is a holographic image of yourself for every cell in your body, every molecule in your body, and one for all of you. We relate to this physical body as reality just as we relate to this table as reality. Literally they are holographic morphogenic images of energy.

   There is a vast distance in between every nucleus of the atom and its electrons, and in between there is just vacuum, space, nothing else. That is what physical reality is made up of. So literally, our bodies are really holographic images. Holographic images of reality are held together by photons that carry information that tell everything above them, the electrons and the atoms, and everything below them where they need to be and what they need to do. Photons remember where everything is. They have memory and they have information carrying potential.


The human body grounds electromagnetic radiation in the environment because of the electrical conductivity of our body. It is attracted to us. All living systems are based on electromagnetic energy. Every cell in your body is generating an electromagnetic field, every plant, every rock, the planet itself, the whole universe is made up of energy. It is true that man-made electromagnetic radiation is not the only source of random photons in the environment, but the problem is these frequencies which we have never encountered before are a whole different spectrum of frequencies than the living system uses.   



  The solution to electromagnetic radiation is very simple. It is basically getting the photons to make up their minds, to realize who they are, linking the photons to their higher self, organizing them. This would allow the photons to have a frequency wave form that is infinitely coherent and infinitely small passing through you transparently. These coherent fields make everything more of what it is. It is not creating any specialized effect one way or the other. Everything is more defined. Everything works better. Our research group stumbled upon this theory through a series of interesting accidental discoveries.