How do Blushields Work?

    Summary of how Blushields work 

The body is firstly an energetic system, secondly an electrical system and thirdly a biochemical system. It generates its own electromagnetic field. The autonomic nervous system uses electrical impulses to regulate heart rate, breathing, digestion and so on. EMFs operate at much higher frequencies than are natural to the body, scrambling its electromagnetic signals and altering organ and cell frequencies. 


Every organ and cell in your body emits energy in the form of biophotons (light from a biological source) which produce an energy field as a holographic image of you. Photons carry memory and information that regulate function on the electrical and biochemical levels, and are one of the ways the body communicates.

EMFs use frequencies that are not used by living organisms, which leads to incoherence. Changes in frequency reduce the ability to polarise light, and loss of polarisation in an organ can predict the future development of illness long before the onset of symptoms.

EMFs penetrate the cells and alter DNA rather like a virus causing an immune reaction which leads to low grade inflammation and increases the risk of autoimmune disease which is now epidemic.

The solution to EMF radiation is simple. You just need to restore coherence to your biophotons so everything works better. Blushields use scalar waves to emit millions of protons within the human frequency range for three seconds twice a minute. They cover a field of between 3 to 180 meters, depending on the model. This synchronises the body’s biophotons and protects the electromagnetic impulses from interference, restoring coherence to organs and cells.



EMFs – wi-fi, mobiles, Smart technology, etc.




Consist of a microprocessor and a programme chip which produces microwave signals using artificial, low frequency radiation, below the visible light spectrum, which cycle more frequently than brain waves.


Consist of a microprocessor and a programme chip which emit millions of scalar waves in the form of photons within the human frequency range.

Have established harmful effects


Have beneficial effects.

Microwaves operate between 300 MHz and 300 GHz band. Mobile phone signals range from 850 – 900 MHz and 1800 – 1900 MHz



. The higher the frequency the more energy is generated. For example, wi-fi is 2.45GHz or 2,450,000 Hz which is nearly two-and-a half million times stronger than brainwaves.



Highest frequencies produced by the brain are no more than 50Hz.


Use a single, pulsating frequency. Continual exposure to the same frequency is stressful to the body.


Use millions of variations in frequency which has a calming effect.

Alter electrical charges throughout the body. This is known as loss of polarity. For example, where there should be a positive charge, they would be a negative one instead




Restore normal charges (biopotential) to cells





Overwhelm body’s natural frequencies.


In the same way that a tuning fork will produce vibration in a remote but compatible object, the body will preferentially resonate with the familiar scalar frequencies of Blushield, conferring energetic ‘immunity’.


Frequencies are linear and are not found in nature.


Scalar waves are non-linear and are emitted by all living things, including plants and trees.






Produces a sine wave that goes through every cell.


Raises levels of healthy biophotons.


Cause fatigue by interfering with cell energy production.


Cells depend on biophotons to make energy.


Stimulates growth of viruses, yeasts and harmful bacteria.


Supports a healthy microbiome.


Blocks detoxification by locking heavy metals, etc., in the body.


Allows the body to release stored toxins.



Stimulates inflammation.


Has an anti-inflammatory effect.


Alters DNA expression.


Protects DNA from EMFs.


De-synchronisation of biological rhythms, including the sleep-wake cycle, that direct growth, repair and metabolism.


The body depends upon a synergistic relationship with the frequencies found in nature to regulate metabolism.


Emit EMFs.


s do not emit EMFs. They work at the sub-atomic level in the relatively new field of quantum biology, so they can only be evaluated biologically.


Can alter heart rate.


Has no effect on heartrate or pacemakers.


Liked to depression, anxiety and insomnia.


Has balancing effect on brain chemistry.


Cause clumping of red blood cells.


Red blood cells un-clump after 15 minutes exposure.

Blushield does not have the resources to fund university based, double-blind, placebo controlled trials for publication in peer reviewed journals, but initial trials on blood and urine are encouraging.


  Environmental scientist, Jason Bawden-Smith, states in his book In the Dark, that Blushields are the most effective method of EMF protection available to date. You can listen to what happened when he gave Blushields to one hundred people in this podcast.

Blushields operate at the biological level, so testing of EMF levels would not be appropriate as Blushields. Electromyography (EKG sensors) that read muscle tension and stress would be more appropriate and, of course, autonomic response testing exploits the link between stress and subtle changes in muscle tension.

Between 1940 and 1980 EMF and dirty electricity exposure in industrialised countries increased by 100 million times. Epidemiological studies have shown an exponential relationship between electrification and diseases of civilisation and of preconceptual parental exposure to EMFs and autism in offspring. Over the last ten years, EMFs alone have increased by 10 quillion – that is 10 followed by 18 noughts. The average suburban home emits one-half to one milligauss per square meter, whilst the average office with fluorescent lights, computers, fax machines and so on emits between three to five milligauss per square meter.


A different paradigm of health

   Modern health problems are in effect environmental illnesses with the effects worsening with each generation. The basic principle of naturopathy is to optimise the internal and external environment, so the body can heal itself. We know that EMFs block detoxification, suppress the immune system, prevent restorative sleep and provide a milieu in which viruses, moulds and unhealthy bacteria thrive – in us and our homes.


More effects of Blushields on the body

  •   Restore coherence. 

  • Repair the energy field.

    Restore cell charges important for mineral uptake, organ function and in preventing headaches and poor circulation. Red blood cells are repelled by their electrical charges allowing them to flow freely through the blood vessels. When they lose their charge, they clump together making it difficult to get into capillaries. This can cause poor circulation and band-like migrainous headaches, and interfere with iron binding increasing the risk of anaemia. Dark field microscopy has shown blood cells to un-clump following Blushield use. 

  •   Help with brain fog, elevate mood and improve sleep. EMFs impair production of calming neurotransmitters and have a stimulatory effect on the brain preventing alpha and delta waves and the production of calming neurotransmitters like serotonin, GABA and melatonin.

     Repair the bio-electric field around the body.

  • Repair sperm (sperm mitochondria are damaged by radiation).

  • Normalise energy production in cells.

  •  Boost immunity by increasing the white blood count. EMFs lower bone marrow production of white and red blood cells causing immunosuppression and anaemia. Like viruses, EMFs enter cells, stimulating an immune response. In this respect, EMF exposure is similar to having a chronic viral infection.


    EMFs are linked to chronic infections especially Borrelia responsible for HPU, inflammation, allergies and  autoimmunit

    History of Scalar Technologies 

Early scalar generators were first introduced in WW11 by the US Navy, when they were built into radar equipment to protect navigators from the effects from radiation exposure .

Mobile Phones 

Keep turned off and use minimally. If you have a mobile phone, place a protective cover the back and wear that side against your body.     

   Never hold the phone against your head, and use an air tube earpiece instead. Airtube ear pieces are recommending by leading EMF scientists. The  Blushield  ear piece does not heat the tissue of the head and the sound is piped to the ear, so the microwave signal is not sent to the inner ear like other speakers and the phone itself.

 iPad or Laptop

 Buy a laptop  protectorLimit laptop exposure to avoid microwaving the reproductive organs, sperm and ova.

 Go wired   

Reducing your EMFs reduces the need for stronger protection. Get rid of wi-fi (wireless) and replace it with a wired internet connection. This can be achieved by placing D-LAN plugs in sockets connected to leads from the router, and internet (ethernet) connection is achieved when plugging into the socket. D-LAN plugs are widely available from electrical stores. For more information please visit your local electrical store or buy online.  

Use Corded Phones

DECT phones have almost as strong a signal as a phone mast, which emits even when the phone is not is use. They heat tissues in the ear and brain. Studies done on both cordless phones and mobiles have prompted leading EMF scientists to call for RF EMF to be raised from IRC class 2b (possible carcinogen) to class 1 (known carcinogen). Get rid of cordless phones and replace them with old fashioned corded phones (£10 John Lewis). If you must have a cordless phone, the safest are Siemens Gigaset which only emit when in use, and can be used on speaker-phone to avoid holding against your head.

     The bedroom   

The bedroom should be a calm environment. Don’t have a TV, phone, iPad or computer in the room. Sleep in a wooden rather than metal framed bed. Replace digital alarm clocks with the old-fashioned clock face or ones that do not emit radiation. Never use an electric blanket.


For more information please see   (safe schools initiative)   (to order a Blushield)


Silicon valley have known the risks of EM technology since the outset and do not exposure their families. You can read about this here: A new book suggests the signs that Smartphones should be regulated may have been clear years ago. 

Find a screening of the film  Generation Zapped.

  Article written and researched by Eve Gilmore 2017