Blushield Devices & Pricelist

Blushield Devices & Prices  

 Blushields come with a 30-day money back guarantee.

  • Plug-in for your home (small £320, large £640 or ultra £835) to provide strong scalar field for your living area. (The plug ins are six times stronger than portables).

  •  Battery powered Mini Portable £155 for when you go out

  •  Rechargeable credit card-sized portable (£239) for when you go out.

  •  Home pack (small plug-in and portable £505 saving you £54)

  •  Office pack (one large plug-in and two portables £995)

  •  Airtube ear pieces for mobile phones (£12)

  •  Phone covers (price according to size and model)


  It is recommended that you use a plug-in at home or work, and just take the portable with you when you go out. The coherent field of the plug-ins is six times more powerful than the portables, and generate a scalar field throughout your living and working environment. The portable generates a three-meter spherical field of scalar energy; the small plug-in a 90-meter field and the more powerful large plug-in, 180 meters. The large and the ultra are recommended if you have a lot of wi-fi, are near a mast or Smart meter, or pick up signals from neighbours.

  NB: The Ultra is not recommended for people who are EHS (hypersensitive). It is suggested that you clean up your work/home environment and just use the portable when out.

What is the warranty on the products?  

The plug-in has a lifetime warranty except for damage from very powerful power surges and lightning strikes. (The company has not had any products returned to date because of these instances.) The portable has a lifetime warranty if treated respectfully.


How are Blushields powered?    

The plug-ins work from a main socket. They are best plugged in the centre of the house or office.

The new portables are credit card sized and require recharging around once every two weeks. The original portables run off a specially designed lithium battery which lasts around 18 months depending on usage. Replacements cost £19.


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