Kinesiology Taster Day – One-Day Self Help Workshop

Are you:

  •  Feeling tired and lacking in energy
  •  Feeling foggy brained with a poor memory
  •  Having problems with reading, writing or coordination
  •  Often feeling stressed or anxious
  •  Always getting colds or don’t feel well
  •  Concerned that you may have food sensitivities  ........

                  ..... then try this fun and interesting 1 day workshop where you will learn simple energy techniques and muscle testing to improve your health and wellbeing. Learn a variety of powerful ways to help family and friends, in a relaxed atmosphere with plenty of practical experience. It’s a wonderful way to discover and feel the immediate benefits of kinesiology.

Discover how to

  •  aid memory and learning
  •   ‘switch on’ eyes and ears
  •   relieve stress and worry
  •   boost your immune system
  •   test for dehydration
  •   do basic allergy testing
  •   14 meridian body balance
  •   develop healthier breasts

Date:         email for next date
Venue:       Leigh on Sea, Essex
Hours:       9.30am – 5.00pm
Fee:          £100.00
Deposit:     £15.00