Muscle testing for Beliefs Workshop 

Date:   Sunday, 23 February 2020

Fee:      £75.00

Time:     10.00 am - 4.30 pm

Venue:   43 Woodside, Leigh on Sea, Essex, SS9 4QX.

The focus of the day is learning how to muscle test for unconscious beliefs and we will also be covering simple goal setting, intention and manifesting techniques to set you up for 2020!


I have found it invaluable in showing people what underlying beliefs/programmes are stored in their sub conscious and therefore 'running the show',  usually creating unwanted distress and disappointment in their lives.

To be completely effective with using EFT or other modalities we need to be detectives to discover the original trauma and heal it but it is from that experience the person has developed beliefs. However, there are also many beliefs influencing our lives that were not created by trauma so it is very useful to check for beliefs that are acting as unconscious programming and creating our experiences.


Kinesiology Taster Day – One-Day Self Help Workshop

Are you:

  •  Feeling tired and lacking in energy
  •  Feeling foggy brained with a poor memory
  •  Having problems with reading, writing or coordination
  •  Often feeling stressed or anxious
  •  Always getting colds or don’t feel well
  •  Concerned that you may have food sensitivities  ........

                  ..... then try this fun and interesting 1 day workshop where you will learn simple energy techniques and muscle testing to improve your health and wellbeing. Learn a variety of powerful ways to help family and friends, in a relaxed atmosphere with plenty of practical experience. It’s a wonderful way to discover and feel the immediate benefits of kinesiology.

Discover how to

  •  aid memory and learning
  •   ‘switch on’ eyes and ears
  •   relieve stress and worry
  •   boost your immune system
  •   test for dehydration
  •   do basic allergy testing
  •   14 meridian body balance
  •   develop healthier breasts

Date:         email for next date
Venue:       Leigh on Sea, Essex
Hours:       9.30am – 5.00pm
Fee:          £100.00
Deposit:     £15.00