Julia Johnson Dip ASK, Dip RAW, CAP.AMT, Certificate in Life Coaching), 

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Registered Kinesiology Instructor and Master Trainer in Emotional Freedom Technique.

  I have been a Natural Health Practitioner for over  26 years. I originally trained in Systematic Kinesiology in 1990 with Brian Butler, the pioneer of Kinesiology in the UK. I discovered kinesiology while on holiday in Scotland when I had a session to fix my back and was so impressed by the scope of muscle testing and the subsequent treatment that I decided I had to learn it for myself. It was a life changing moment as it led me to a new career, a journey of self discovery and a whole new way of looking at life.

As Kinesiology embraces all aspects of health – nutritional/physical/ emotional/energy – it unleashed an interest in each of these areas so I went on to train further in each of these fields: Nutritional Therapist, Meridian Energy Therapist (EFT and Emotrance), Spiritual Healer, Reiki Master, Theta Healer, Reference Point Therapy, Massage Therapist and I hold a Certificate in Life Coaching. 

Natural ways of healing the body and mind are an ongoing passion for me so I am always adding to my skills and have incorporated the principles of energy psychology, the quantum field and epigenetics with the intention of addressing the deeper, core issues regarding health and disease.  Since  training in Reference Point Therapy a few years ago it has taken healing of physical and emotional problems to very deep levels with amazing results.  Our thoughts and beliefs greatly influence our life and health, and RPT enables us to access the very moment that these destructive beliefs and patterns entered our biology, thereby freeing us to create the lives we choose rather than repeating patterns laid down by our early childhood, our parents, ancestors, or created from trauma.

My deep interest in personal growth and spiritual development has enabled me to empower and educate people to help themselves optimise their health and their life.  Reference Point Therapy,  EFT, Quantum Entrainment, Theta Healing, and other vibrational techniques are extremely powerful and painless ways of enabling people to make positive changes in their life and let go of destructive thought patterns very rapidly. I believe we can all live healthy, happy, fulfilling lives given the right tools and knowledge, and I gain a lot of satisfaction from helping others achieve this.

Nutritional therapy can be a minefeld - full of conflicting ideas and can still be viewed as allopathic.  I have studied nutrition from many angles and have the Hair Mineral Tissue Analysis to be helpful in providing an assessment of  nutritional requirements to balance the body in order to encourage self healing and Nutritional Balancing allows the body to heal at a deep level rather than just treating symptoms or specific conditions. With this in mind, I prefer to embrace the philosphy of David Wolfe, the raw-food specialist,  who promotes the idea of eating the superfoods found in nature to enhance healing, wellness and vitality rather than focusing on treating illness specifically with isolated nutrients. 

I also follow the recommendations of Dr Klinghardt, a leading figure in the treatment of neurological diseases who recommends addressing the fundamental causes of ill health which are predominantly environmental toxicity. In particular, the far reaching effects of electro-magnetic frequencies which form an invisible smog around us. Having spent a great deal of time  researching  protective devices I am delighted that I can now obtain Blushield Devices from New Zealand that provide effective protection in strengthening our own natural energy fields. Trials involving animals have shown huge improvements in their health! Further information is on my website. Given the rise in neurological disorders (autism through to alzheimers) and Lymes,   it seems only common sense that we should be looking at the reasons why.

 My approach is to use a variety of tools to take people from the level of health and wellbeing they are currently experiencing to a higher degree  by optimising the resources available to them and empowering them to create the changes required. As such, I do not diagnose or treat specific diseases or conditions in an allopathic way, rather I aim to discover the contributing factors and facilitate the changes necessary to improve their physical and mental health by working with and supporting the body.

I am also a Registered Master Trainer with the Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques (AAMET) and regularly hold Introductory and Practitioner Level workshops in Emotional Freedom Technique.


Disclaimer:. I provide general information. If you have any medical problem, please consult your medical practitioner.